Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask
Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask

Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask

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Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask

The Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask is one of the latest and innovative fly masks on the market. The strong spring loaded mesh covers the eyes and prevents the fly mask from turning inwards.

As a result this keeps the mask completely away from the horses eyes and more importantly the eyelashes. Many horses become irritated when fly masks come in contact with the eyelashes. The Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask does not touch the horses eyelashes.

Its slim and comfortable fit ensures the Lycra follows the contours of the horses head. Like a second skin, this prevents irritating flies entering the mask and upsetting your horse.

The soft fabric is lightweight and breathable. This can therefore prevent the horse getting too hot in conditions, when flies can be at their worst.

The stretch fabric allows a rider to place the Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask over the top of a bridle. This is a great advantage when waiting between classes or a jump off. A horse less pestered by flies due to a good fitting fly mask, could possibly be less stressed, when it comes to competing.

Fly Mask With Or Without Ears?

Although the Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask comes with ears, they are very simple to alter. The soft Lycra fabric is kind on horses ears and often does not stress horses. If you decide your horse does not like the soft stretch fitting. Simply turn the mask inside out and cut out the ear design. Plesae make sure a responsible adult is present when altering the mask.
Please note. By altering the mask. You increase the risk of flies being able to penetrate the mask from the area around the ears. You void any warranty with the fly mask.

How Can I Keep A Fly Mask On My Horse?

A Kentucky Fly Mask uses a soft yet durable zipper and stud fastener. This prevents the zipper moving once fastened. The mask also has a gap for the forelock. Simply gently pull your horses forelock through the hole in the mask. As a result this therefore helps to keep the Kentucky Horsewear Fly Masks in position.

Can A Horse Wear A Fly Mask At Night?

The soft breathable design means this Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask can be worn for long periods of time. The fine mesh does not impair the vision of the horse, but prevents flies landing around the eyes.

Many owners will have their horse wear a fly mask for long periods of time. Of course the owner accepts all responsibility should the horse wear a fly mask day or night.

How To Clean A Fly Mask.

The Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask is suitable to wash at 30 degrees. The mask is quick to air dry. They are Not Suitable to tumble dry. We advise you to place your fly mask in an wash bag. This prevents your washing machine catching the fly mask netting.

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