Children’s saddle set
Children’s saddle set
Children’s saddle set

Children’s saddle set

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This saddle set ensures the young rider is ready-to-go with his or her pony. The lightweight saddle comes with girth, stirrup leathers and stirrups. Also included is a bridle with noseband and flash. The keen riders have the choice of tough blue or cute pink

Colours: Black, Pink, Black/Blue
Size: Shetland

Material saddle and equipment: Artificial leather
Material bridle:  Cowhide

Saddle set for children fully equipped with bridle and reins

13 inch child saddle

27 cm tree size (10.5 inch)

Comes with 100 cm girth, stirrup leathers of 100 cm and aluminium child stirrups

Ring on the rear for attachment of crupper

Leather bridle equipped with noseband and flash

Brow band and nose band

Comes with matching reins