Eggersmann Natur Musli
Eggersmann Natur Musli

Eggersmann Natur Musli

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A versatile, tasty muesli, as intended by nature, for all those who are looking for something special for their horses.

Nature Muesli contains no synthetic flavours and antioxidants, oats and molassed flakes. Included cereal components are easily digestible and, therefore, easily accessible to enzymes in the small intestine. The muesli is a protein reduced mix providing medium levels of energy, and is, therefore, an efficient feed for all horses in light to medium work. Hydrothermally expanded cereals, milk thistle oil, vitamins and minerals, as well as lucerne hay, provide a wholesome diet, without overloading the metabolism. With the thermal treatment of the cereals and the high level of structure in the mix, mastication and the production of saliva are promoted, and the digestion of the feed is optimised. Therefore, the intestinal flora stays intact, and over-production of acid is prevented. Nature Muesli makes it much easier to compose a diet for allergic horses with bronchial or skin problems, as well as for picky or lazy leisure and competition horses. Nature Muesli offers balanced calcium/phosphorus and protein/energy ratios. 
All contained nutrients are optimally accessible.
The benefits at a glance:
- no molassed flakes
- the high level of structure promotes mastication and the production of saliva
- may prevent hyperacidity
- balanced protein/energy ratio
- for horses prone to allergies

 67,3 g/kg digestible protein  12,1 MJ/kg digestible energy