Eggersmann Vet royal Respiroforte
Eggersmann Vet royal Respiroforte

Eggersmann Vet royal Respiroforte

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Product information "VET ROYAL respirOforte"

Herbal mixtures for horses with respiratory problems probably exist since the domestication of our horses. They are now available in hundreds of different designs, forms of administration and price ranges.

But what about the horses suffering from COB, horses with recurrences, in which the classical way is already marked, by persistently wrong posture, feeding, etc.? Is it possible, in particular the bronchial musculature, to influence their contractions or also cramps based on plants or feeding? These questions were the focus of development of respirOforte. To break the vicious circle of slime formation, diminishing ciliated epithelium and a continuous constriction of the bronchi at any point, without burdening the organism in addition, would be a success. 
The MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) contained in respirOforte makes the cell membranes more permeable so that important active ingredients and nutrients can be better absorbed.
In addition, this organically bound sulfur compound is known for its positive influence on the muscular tissue. The contained lungwort can cause long-term enlargement of the bronchi. Watercress has a high content of methylcysteine ​​and ensures better secretolysis. Specially coordinated herbs in turn promote the coughing of stuck mucus. 
In order to ensure the full development of the product, continuous supplementation of respirOforte is recommended especially for chronic or recurrent respiratory problems. 
Due to its abortive effect, respirOforte must not be used on pregnant mares. 
Likewise the employment during the competition times is forbidden (FN waiting time 48h). 

Use / Benefits:
• For horses with chronic or recurrent respiratory problems 
• Lungwort supports the dilation of the bronchi 
• MSM ensures a better absorption of important nutrients and active substances, as well as a relaxation of the (bronchial) musculature 
• Watercress (methylcysteine) ensures the secretolysis 
• Special herbs support 
slime-up of the mucus • recommended for permanent feeding

38.5 g / kg verd. Crude protein 
3.8 MJ / kg verd. Energy

feeding recommendation

Large horses 600 kg / 20 g (1 heaped scoop) per day 
Ponies and small horses 15 g (1 level scoop) per day 
Feeding time: at least 3 weeks / for chronic feeding problems recommended. Do not use with pregnant mares. This product may not be used during competition times! (FN / FEI).




crude protein 6.20%
Crude Fat 1.40%
Crude fiber 19.00%
Raw ash 4.80%
calcium 0.50%
phosphorus 0.20%
sodium 0.05%