Eggersmann Zucht Pellets
Eggersmann Zucht Pellets

Eggersmann Zucht Pellets

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A feed, especially formulated for breeding, offering everything needed for optimal breeding results with its balanced composition.

The high demand for protein and minerals in pregnant and lactating mares, and especially for foetal development and milk production, must be taken into consideration. Stud Pellets are rich in essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine. Both have to be digested with the feed and are elementary components for the muscle development and adequate milk production. In combination with the usual hard feed, Stud Pellets ensure a high milk quality in mares, a high sperm quality in stallions, and an optimal development and growth in young horses. The calcium and phosphorus levels in our Stud Pellets and their relationship to one another are especially tuned to cover the higher demands for skeletal development in the embryo and the later bone growth in foals. The balanced levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements ensure vitality, health and high fertility. By including dried apple pomace, our Stud Pellets are especially delicious. Stud mares and stallions, weanlings and yearlings, all with their specific high demands for nutrition, are optimally cared for with Stud Pellets.

The benefits at a glance:
- of high quality and easily digestible
- with the essential amino acids lysine and methionine
- balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio
- with ideal mineral and vitamin content
- with organically bound trace elements

 127,0 g/kg digestible protein  11,2 MJ/kg digestible energy