Eq flexia stirrups

Eq flexia stirrups

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Equick EQ Flexia, an innovative and design bracket!

The design of the platform allows the rider's foot to remain stable at all times, offering unparalleled grip even in the most difficult conditions.

Rear Flex:

We introduce the main feature of the eQuick® EQFleXia® brackets.

The rear flex is an active and the most innovative function of this revolutionary product.

the footrests can flex up to 14 ° backwards, giving and incredible feeling as you assemble.

This is more than a suspension system: it increases the rider's balance and sensation in all conditions, even in step.

Front Flex

Another key feature of the eQuick® EQFleXia® brackets.

The front flex is also active and has been developed for two main reasons: giving a feeling of suspension in certain conditions and improving safety. the footrests can flex up to 10 ° forward, this is a lot during jumps and when the rider moves too far forward.

Safety Shape works with the suspension system: when the rider exerts pressure on the front of the platform, the flexible system drastically reduces the space between the arch of the stirrup and the platform.

Security form
Here is another extraordinary novelty of the eQuick® EQFleXia® brackets.

Safety Shape is a new safety concept. With the shape of the arches combined with the special platforms and the Flex system, EQFlexia are setting a new safety standard