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EquiSpot an insect repellent, very effective against flies, horseflies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks.

Features: Thanks to Equi-Spot you'll be able to wash your horse any time you want without worring aboute the horse seating profusely. Equi-Spot will remain active for up to 14 days, keeping at bay all the insects that bother the horse inside and outside of the stable.

Instructions for Use: apply the content of a 10 ml pipette on the animal, as indicated below:

5 ml along the topline, starting from the head (between the ears); along the base of the mane; along the dorsal midline up to the pelvis;

1 ml on the upper part of the forehead, under the tuft;

1ml on the back of each front leg between the knee and fetlock;

1 ml on the back of each hind leg between the hock and fetlock;

Equi-spot packaging contains 3 pipettes of 10ml enough for 3 treatments.


DELIVERY 10 days