EQUIDOUX Ointment against rubbing,

EQUIDOUX Ointment against rubbing,

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Equidoux® Ointment against rubbing


For coat, mane and tail


Here it is, our remedy against rubbing - revolutionary and kind to the skin!

Equidoux® is a tincture against the rubbing of coat, mane and tail unless it is caused by a disease. It is a quick and reliable remedy against chafed docks and crests. It quickly puts an end to the problem of itchy feathers with many compact baroque-type breeds or outside horses and ponies, so that they can relax and give up their constant stamping. Equidoux® is a mild care product with extraordinarily soothing properties. Due to the caring components the formation of dandruff is reduced. When you useEquidoux® for skin care, the skin is much more insensitive to external influences that could cause itching. That?s why Equidoux® also increases

the well being of sweet-itch horses. If it is used regularly, many of these horses do not show their well-known problems in summer any longer. Competitive riders too appreciate Equidoux®. It prevents their horses from getting brittle hair even if their mane is often plaited and dry.

Equidoux® can be used before or after plaiting. The mane is immediately elastic and supple again. At the end of the competitive season the mane will be as full and thick as at the beginning.

Equidoux® is based on selected natural ingredients, which have been processed under strict quality checks. No unnecessary emulsifiers are added.

Equidoux® is absolutely non-toxic and gentle to the skin.


If possible apply (spray or squirt) Equidoux® several times a day onto the itchy

parts, e.g. dock, crest or coat and rub in gently. We recommend using a plastic

currycomb or a dandy brush to make sure that Equidoux® gets through the long hair to the skin. The effect is immediate.


Available sizes: 500 ml