Flexineb E2

Flexineb E2

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Flexineb E2 is a portable aerosol device.

SIMPLE AND INTEGRATED: easy to set up, operation without tubes, wires, compressor or valves
RAPID: 10 ml of aerosolized saline solution in less than 12 minutes
SILENT: no noise
ADAPTABLE: Can also be used with pre-dosed inhalers
COMFORTABLE: fits comfortably on the horse's nose. An adjustable lever allows control of the outlet valve, allowing the assistant to adjust the valve for easy breathing or to facilitate deeper breathing.
Flexineb is a device that is easy to use, practical and quick to use, free of annoying noises for the horse. The mask works without the annoying noise of compressors or more or less bulky tubes. The transparency of the chamber allows us to appreciate the inhalation by the horse of the "cloud" generated in the aerosol chamber.

The machera is supplied with a 10 ml glass and an extra extender of 20 ml capacity to increase the volume of substance to be sprayed up to 30 ml.


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