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Leather bridle with special anatomical properties. An anatomical bridle can contribute to more comfort for the horse and therefore better performance.

The anatomical noseband protects the sensitive nerves of the horse's head. Also, like a bridle with a high noseband, it does not lie on the most sensitive point of the nose bone. However, a high noseband alone does not offer the possibility to block the mouth. This noseband offers a combination of both, the noseband is not in a sensitive place while there is a kind of a flash noseband. A flash noseband also promotes a quieter position of the bit. There is still less pressure on the nostrils, which improves breathing and can improve performance. The extra strap under the jaw is easy to close thanks to the carabiner.

The headpiece is also special, anatomically shaped, soft underlayd and is also cut out at the ears.

Supplied with a hanging browband. This contributes to reduced pressure at the horse's ears.

Blind closures on cheek pieces and reins.

The bridle comes with web reins