Kentucky eventing boots
Kentucky eventing boots
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Kentucky eventing boots

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he NEW Kentucky Horsewear Air Tech Eventing Boots are probably soon to be the best boots suitable for cross country for horses on the market. Offering outstanding performance and protection. The Kentucky Eventing Boots use a unique protective material. Extremely light and perforated. This allows the legs to breathe, whilst repelling the absorption of water.

Kentucky boots are extensively tested for use cross country and on the gallops. They are endorsed by top level competitors all around the world and used in all levels of competition.

The Kentucky Air Tech Eventing Boots contain an exciting high performance shock absorbing material. Lightweight and breathable, the Kentucky Air Tech Eventing Boots offer outstanding shock absorption and protection on impact. The boots protect vital ligaments and tendons which therefore helps to prevent serious injury to your horse. This is crucial when riding cross-country.

Due to its cost D3O shock absorbing technology is only used in the finest protective horsewear. This includes motorcycling clothing, sportswear and even stunt apparel, to name just a few.

Extremely comfortable and offering maximum flexibility, the D3O molecules have the ability to lock together on immediate impact. This therefore absorbs and disperse energy from a strike or blow, then instantly returns back to its flexible state.

Tested to the highest standards. The unique intellignet molecules, react in milliseconds, protecting your horse in from a potential blow. Positioned at key strike zones within the boot. Kentucky Horsewear Eventing Boots design, uses a revolutionary material for added protection.

The boots have been extensively trialled by top professional riders prior to their launch. The anatomical design and lightweight structure also feature a laminated ‘Solimbra’ outer. Consequently this offers all-weather protection and keeps your boots looking and performing the way they should!

Kentucky Horsewear Air Tech Eventing Boots

Kentucky Air Tech Eventing Boots have an anatomic design. They provide a perfect fit and follow the contours of the leg.

Both boots support the Tendon and follow on from the original Kentucky Eventing boots, that were the first eventing boots on the market, that protected the fetlock joint. The polyethylene strike guards and a breathable neoprene lining make these boots stand out as a market leader.

Super-strong Velcro straps ensure the boots stay in place and do not turn, while the soft binding reduces the risk of rubbing.

Kentucky Eventing Boots with Air Tech technology have a breathable eva and neoprene lining. The boots continue the ‘Protect And Perform’ theme with a polyethylene guard at the tendon area.

The soft binding and generous tough Velcro straps have a distinctive Kentucky logo, that finishes the look and performance of these revolutionary eventing boots.

Thanks to the use of all the high quality materials the boots have an extremely long lifetime and still look new after years of multiple heavy uses on the cross country course.

Kentucky products are proving to be a popular choice amongst both top professional riders and serious amateurs. This consequently gives further confidence to British riders on their performance and credibility. Therefore when it comes to protection on the move, these boots happily leap into the 21st Century!

The Best Eventing Boots For Horses

The New Kentucky Air Tech Cross Country Boots are available in two sizes. Both Medium and Full. (Cob and Full) Front and Hind. Black Only.


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