Metalab air-system stirrups

Metalab air-system stirrups

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Shock absorption, comfort & security!

The outstanding advantages of the “AIR SYSTEM“ by METALAB argue for it:
• The flexible, air cushioned stirrup takes care of your ankles and knee joints.
• The non-slip, shock absorbing stirrup tread is perfectly adjusted into the stirrup.
• The strong rubber band at the sides surrounds not only the flexible security joints, but also takes care of your precious riding boots.

Regularly training with the novel “AIR SYSTEM” stirrup will activate your muscles and simultaneously take care of your joints. The air cushion of the stirrup tread conforms perfectly to the movement of the rider. In contrast to conventional stirrups, the “AIR SYSTEM” assures perfect shock absorption!

The distribution of weight and shock absorption are fundamentally improved. The “AIR SYSTEM” stirrup helps to activate the neglected muscles and enables your legs and ankles to balance the load in a better way.

The rider only benefits from the advantages of the “AIR SYSTEM” stirrup!

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