Pamper set

Pamper set

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Made using natural cotton with a fun purple and pink equestrian print on the front, these gift bags are the perfect way to wrap a special gift and can also be used as a bag on their own. It's a gift within a gift! Each bag comes complete with a flower gift tag


This body lotion for him and her ensures that the rider is well looked after too! It has been developed in accordance with the highest human cosmetic standards. It provides moisture for chapped parts of the body and is absorbed quickly. The skin is strengthened and cared for in a gentle way. Contains allantoin, macadamia nut oil and vitamin E.


This specially developed cream provides special care after riding and work at the yard. It ensures attractive and well cared for hands, even in the case of hard manual work. Contains jojoba oil and other moisturisers.


This specially developed lip care stick with light protection factor 20 is suitable for every season. It ensures a natural moisture balance of the lips and thus keeps them very smooth. Contains bisabolol and beeswax.


This caring shower gel for riders has a special hint of sportiness, is pH neutral and is suitable for him and her.