Safe control head collar
Safe control head collar

Safe control head collar

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When the Safe Control halter is used, the horse‘s reaction time to the influence of
the handler is significantly reduced (compared to the classic halter) and thanks to the Safe Control pull-up system, the handler can immediately counteract un- desirable movements of the horse.
Another advantage of the Safe Control halter is its versatility. It can be used for guiding, grazing, load- ing, ground work and tying (when tying only if the carabiner is not attached to the rope). The complicated and sometimes uncomfortable application and loosening of other aids and chains can be omitted. With Safe Control you have a targeted effect with little effort.
With all its functionality, the Safe Control halter is designed  in such a way that the pressure is acceptable for the horses and therefore has no painful effects on the lower jaw of the horse. When developing the Safe Control halter, the different sensitivity of the horses was also taken in to account.

Do not tie the horse to the Safe Control halter when the carabiner is attached to the rope. The halter Safe Control is not suitable for lungeing. Do not let the horse run free with the Safe Control halter if there is a risk of it getting caught with the rope.
The Safe Control halter should be used by experi- enced and competent persons.
Each user must assess the suitability of the Safe Con- trol halter individually, i. e. whether the halter is suit- able for the type and temperament of the horse, and not use the halter in an inappropriate manner.


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