The ultimate grazing muzzle

The ultimate grazing muzzle

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The Ultimate Muzzle
These muzzles can be used in case your horse should loose some weight in order to prevent overweight or laminitis for example. A good solution when the horse is in the pasture for a longer period but should spend less time foraging. The muzzle is comfortable and can easily be attached to the halter. Made of durable materials and equipped with extra comfort. 


-          Nostril holes for breathability and comfort

-          The higher front prevents the removal of the muzzle by the horse

-          Solid chin piece to minimise rubbing

-          Leather head strip

-          Without clips so getting caught on wire is prevented

-          Rectangular mouth hole

Note: The muzzle should not be too tight. Please bear in mind that the muzzles are deeper than the standard muzzles and were designed to be loose fitting. One should be able to get at least 2-3 fingers around the sides of the muzzles.  

Size                    Cirfumference                              

ANTI0015            small pony         48 cm

ANTI0015P          pony                  55 cm

ANTI0016            cob                    63 cm

ANTI0017            horse                 67 cm   

ANTI0018            XL                      70 cm