AKKU equine clippers

AKKU equine clippers

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The new battery-powered shearer designed for horses boasts exceptional value for money! The supplied package includes two 10.8 Volt Lithium ion block batteries, which allow uninterrupted shearing thanks to their optimised operating and charging times.

The ergonomic characteristics of the FarmClipper Battery are also plain to see: the special surface properties of the housing shells and the balanced centre of gravity prevent the user from tiring too quickly. The size of the plastic shells also means that even small hands can be sure of a firm grip on the shearer.

The FarmClipper Battery is a clipper with fantastic all-round properties boasting excellent handling.



• incl. two10.8 volt lithium ion block batteries

• optimised work and charging times (approx. 1.5 h) for uninterrupted shearing

• special, non-slip housing shell for low-fatigue work

• balanced centre of gravity ensures effortless shearing

Incl. replacement battery

"With excellent shearing performance and battery life" according to Profi (issue 1/2015) and topagrar (issue 11/2017) magazines


technical data


power consumption:

10,8 volts

shearing performance:

approx 2,300 double strokes/min.

charging time:

approx. 90 min.

shearing time:

approx. 90 min.


approx. 1.2 kg (incl. battery)

supplied package:

Shearer incl. shearing blades and battery, replacement battery, charging station, screwdriver, special oil, operating instructions, stable case