Bombers bag

Bombers bag

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Delivery 10 days. The Stable Bag Bombers is a very practical stall bag to organize your horse gooming products and care supplies.
This horse grooming organizer can be hanged on your pony or horse stall door.

The Bombers collection is a Horse & Travel limited edition.

The Horse & Travel Stable Bag Bombers has been design to gather and store all your pony or horse grooming supplies, care products and any equestrian equipment that you would need and use every day.

This stall bag is equipped with several pockets and compartments.

The H&T's Stable Bag Bombers has been thought as a large equestrian bag that can be easily hanged on the horse stall door, the horse trailer door.

The wide flap protects your horse equipments from the rain and inclement weather. It can also be closed with a padlock.

The Stable Bag Bombers is semi rigid for more practicability and ultra resistant.

The Horse & Travel stall bag is made of TARPAULINE PVC and lined with nylon on the inside. This material is hard-wearing, waterproof and washable.

Inside, it consists of 2 large compartments and 4 mesh pockets.

Outside, and protected by a wide flap, there are 4 front pockets whose bottom is mesh to prevent dust from accumulating.

On the 2 small sides, there are 2 mesh pockets to store, among other things, sponges, sweat scrapers ... So those can dry easily.

To make it easy to clean, Horse & Travel has added a double bottom, one in Tarpaulin that opens with a zipper to remove dust, straw or hays and the other in mesh so you don't have to empty the bag when cleaning it.

The Stable Bag Bombers comes with a shoulder strap to easily carry it from the tack room to your pony or horse stall, from your horse trailer to the horse show stall ... and 2 carabiners to hang it the stall door.

The Stable Bag Bombers measures 55 cm long by 25 cm deep and 38 cm high.

When it is folded, it measures only 55 cm x 25 cm x 4 cm.