Duo Hay net Slowfeeder 10 kg (5 mm thick, mesh size 60/45 mm)

Duo Hay net Slowfeeder 10 kg (5 mm thick, mesh size 60/45 mm)

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Very strong fine-meshed DUO hay net which ensures that the hay is absorbed slowly.

Unique because the net has different meshes on both sides.

Without knots and made of very strong material so that the net will last a long time. In addition, the fine-meshed net and its quality ensure less hay loss and a cleaner stable or trailer. 

With free 7 metres of super strong suspension rope. 

Where can it be used best? 
Due to its size, this net is perfectly usable in the trailer as an activity during transport or against boredom while waiting in the trailer. 
It also reduces stress!

As well as being used on the move it is also perfect for the box or in the stable. 

Why use a slowfeeder hay net?
When horses and ponies eat too much hay in one go, they can get problems with stomach ulcers or even colic. By using a slowfeeder hay net, the animal gets small quantities throughout the day which improves digestion enormously, but also prevents boredom (less stress). In addition, our nets simulate the horses natural way of eating by allowing them to ingest small quantities throughout the day. 

Including 7 metres of very strong suspension rope

100 x 90 cm

Mesh size 
This is a DUO net, so on one side it has 6 cm meshes and on the other side 4.5 cm meshes.

Thickness material
0.5 cm

Hay capacity
10 kg

More than 1000 kg tensile strength.