Eggersmann Fohlenstarter Pellets
Eggersmann Fohlenstarter Pellets

Eggersmann Fohlenstarter Pellets

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For a healthy and balanced nutrition, right from the start, and a steady growth in the rearing period.

In the first few months, the basis for a healthy and long life is created. This is why the provision of balanced and suitable feed is of paramount importance. In the first months, the need for protein, minerals and vitamins is very high. Our Foal Starter excels with the best possible quality protein and an optimal provision of natural amino acids. The very favourable balance of energy and protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements supports growth and ensures the healthy development of bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. Here the special composition of Foal Starter Pellets is of extra importance to prevent damage to the skeletal development, such as OCD. Top-quality proteins allow the early feeding of foals if a mare has not enough milk. Foal Starter is an optimal basis for the healthy development of your foal.

The benefits at a glance:
- of high quality and easily digestible
- with a special mix of amino acids for the development of healthy bones
- with skimmed milk powder for enhanced availability of the nutrients
- with an ideal mineral and vitamin content
- with organically bound trace elements

 141,5 g/kg digestible protein  11,0 MJ/kg digestible energy