Eggersmann struktur mix
Eggersmann struktur mix

Eggersmann struktur mix

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This unique feed combines the characteristics of structural feed and those of muesli to one versatile mix.

Hydrothermally expanded maize provides energy, the chopped lucerne hay and straw (chaff) provide structure. Thereby, mastication is encouraged, salivation of the feed is improved, and the digestion is actively supported. With the optimal protein–energy balance and the high levels of fibre, Structure Mix is an ideal addition to any feed. According to requirements, it can be used as a complete feed for ponies, robust breeds and standing horses; as additional feed for field kept horses, or in combination with other hard feed. Structure Mix is also a favoured travelling companion for competition horses. Because of the addition of molasses, the mix is dust free and is suitable for horses which have a sensitivity to dust.

The benefits at a glance:
usuable as concentrate feed
high structural content for a long feeding period
protein and energy reduced
feed for tournament horses while traveling around
suitable for dust-sensitive and horses without appetite

 59,0 g/kg digestible protein  9,8 MJ/kg digestible energy