Eggersmann struktur pelletfrei
Eggersmann struktur pelletfrei

Eggersmann struktur pelletfrei

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Feed supplement for horses

Pure nature without molasses – structure in abundance! A perfect feed for those who are looking for something special for their horse

Structure Pellet-free with a high proportion of intact raw fibre is natural and without artificial additives. It contains no molasses, no flavourings, and no added extra vitamins and minerals. Intact plant fibres, dried fruit and vegetables provide cellulose and pectins, which stimulate the activity of intestinal bacteria. With the optimum protein-energy ratio and the high fibre levels, Structure Muesli can enhance any existing ration as needed but can be used as a single hard feed as well. A mineral supplement must be fed in addition!

The benefits at a glance: 

-ideal for any horse! Whether pony, thoroughbred or heavyweight, sport or leisure horse – Structure Muesli does any horse good!

-the high levels of structure increases mastication and the production of saliva, thereby improving the gastrointestinal environment 

-easy digestibility directly in the small intestine due to high-quality ingredients such as hydrothermally expanded cereals

-readily available energy, without disturbing the delicate intestinal flora which is designed for receiving roughage

-lower volumes of hard feed but with better digestibility and energy supply, which, in conjunction with a good fodder ration, protects the small sensitive stomach and the entire digestive system 

Since no vitamins are added, this is a useful supplementary feed, ideal for field kept horses!

 68,0 g/kg digestible protein  12,6 MJ/kg digestible energy