Eggersmann stud musli
Eggersmann stud musli

Eggersmann stud musli

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Based on years of experience, EMH Stud Muesli is specifically composed to suit the needs of horses at stud.

Highly pregnant and lactating mares, as well as growing foals, have high demands when it comes to the quantitative and qualitative supply of nutrients. EMH Stud Muesli contains a particularly high protein content and fully expanded cereals. The composition is perfectly balanced with all important vitamins, minerals and trace elements to suit the increased needs of horses. The muesli is universally usable for highly pregnant and lactating mares, weanlings and stallions. With its high-quality protein building blocks, fertility, lactation and sperm production are positively affected. The excellent taste also ensures an early feed intake of foals and, therefore, the perfect development of the animals. Due to the interaction of the top quality ingredients, mares are optimally prepared for the birth, and the healthy development of the foal in the womb is promoted. A short recovery phase after the birth enables the mare to produce adequate amounts of milk. EMH Stud Muesli ensures foals with vitality, productive mares and fertile stallions.
The benefits at a glance:
- a need-optimised balance of trace elements
- balanced protein/energy ratio
- rich in essential amino acids
- balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio
- with an ideal mineral and vitamin content

 123,5 g/kg digestible protein  11,1 MJ/kg digestible energy