Felix eczema / sweet itch  spray

Felix eczema / sweet itch spray

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    • My name is Felix and my bum itches all the time. They say I have eczema, I don"t know why. In summer it gets worse and I scratch myself raw. My mistress says that"s enough, that"s not healthy! …
      I"m a #Soulhorse Juckepony and I"m not alone. We need a remedy that helps to make the itching go away! Liverwort and salt from the Dead Sea can help. A little aloe vera and tea tree oil help skin and hair a great deal. Now it"s time for the itching to be eliminated. Simply apply the spray to the affected areas going against the lie of the coat. Getting my owner to massage it in is what is needed, the intensively nourishing ingredients soothe the skin & I do not want to itch frantically. My sweet itch has hardly any chance now. The lavender oil also makes the ladies show up! at last, I don"t have to walk around looking like a zebra anymore and my beloved itchy pony tree can rest forever!

  • Application: Spray the affected areas against the lie of the coat and massage in if necessary.
    Contains: Liverwort, Dead Sea salt, aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender oil.
    Contains Pelargonium graveolens, extract. May cause allergic reactions.

    Contents: 500 ml

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