Flex-On Green Composite IG Stirrups

Flex-On Green Composite IG Stirrups

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The Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups are made of polyamide organically sourced and designed on the same model of Flex-On Aluminum stirrups. They are perfect for any occasion, and their finish allows to wash easily with water without damaging them. The company's research has led to the production of ergonomic, customizable and durable stirrups, while remaining lightweight and beautiful to see. The tread is interchangeable and customizable, suitable for every need. The insert with the Flex-On logo is magnetic and interchangeable. Available in various colours. Made in France.


Green Composite FG Model ( Tread INCLINED GRIP )

The tread is tilted (INCLINED SINGLE SLOPE), ideal for a correct position of the bead when riding and have therefore more stability.

GRIP is the support of the foot, rubbered with grooves for a good grip with his boot / ankle boot.

The inserts under the tread (Shock Absorbers) are MEDIUM hardness. (Suitable for all disciplines).

Stirrups finish MATT RUBBERED


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