GR Amber bridle

GR Amber bridle

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Absolutely new and exclusively available here! The amber bridle for horses.

  • leather bridle with double headband chain made of real amber
  • smoothed amber
  • english combined riding halter
  • arched noseband
  • riding halter on top of neck piece for more comfort
  • both sides adjustable throat latch
  • headband and neckpiece softly padded
  • stainless steel fittings
  • incl. girthreins
  • without bit 

Both amber chains are delivered apart from the bridle. Delivered will be a shorter and a longer chain. Both will simply be adjusted to the screws on the headband. The shorter chain is supposed to be the upper one. The longer one is supposed to be the lower one.

Important information:
Amber is a product of nature. Colour, size and shape of the stones may therefore vary.


delivery 12 days