Horse Armour fly rug set

Horse Armour fly rug set

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The ultimate fly blanket including Insect Shield®!

The "sheet" is made up of a blanket including neck portion. Made of durable polyester with a long-acting insecticide inside. Research has shown, the color of Horse Armor has to keep flies at a distance.



With Horse Armor Knockdown you create an Insect Shield®. Your horse is no longer troubled by insects such as horseflies, mosquitoes, flies, ticks. Made of durable polyester material which Insect Shield® has been processed. Ideal in summer against horseflies and mosquitoes stinging triggering sweet itch to ward off the mane and tail. Insect Shield® is long-acting and safe for horse and rider. Research has shown, the color of Horse Armor has to keep flies at. Best protection ever!

Longevity: Insect Shield® lasts up to 70 washes.



Horse Armor Knockdown:

By using Horse Armor Knockdown you will create an Insect Shield®
and your horse won’t suffer any longer from insects such as:
horseflies, mosquitoes, flies, ticks. Made of durable polyester
materials in which Insect Shield® has been processed.

Due to the color of Horse Armor Knockdown and the processing of
Insect Shield® through the mask, sheet and wraps the Horse Armor
Knockdown has a dual function; repelling and killing all insects, which
gives your horse peace in the pasture


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