Pearson Der-Rec 4 Dermatitis Lotion

Pearson Der-Rec 4 Dermatitis Lotion

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The Pearson DER-REC 4 is an oily lotion suitable for the prevention and treatment of equine summer dermatitis that affects horses and ponies. This skin condition, of allergic origin, is caused by the sting of small flying insects and can be identified in different points of the horse's body. Mainly it is highlighted on the head, on the withers, in the pectoral area, on the shoulders, on the abdomen and at the base of the tail. It causes a strong itching that causes the animal to scratch and rub up to cause localized excoriation that can be a vehicle of infections. The DER-REC 4 is composed of 4 active ingredients of natural origin:

- Zanthalene® (Anti itching),

- Tea Tree Oil (Protective, unpleasant odor to insects),

- Pearson Liver Oil (Regenerative containing Vitagene F),

- Hypericum (Astringent, restructuring, anti-inflammatory natural).



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