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RelaxoPet PRO Horse

Unfortunately, our loyal horse friends sometimes suffer from stress caused by, f.e., loud sounds, fireworks, thunderstorms or loneliness. By using the Relaxopet Pro, you can help your horse to relax in stressful situations. 

Place the device in the desired location and the sound waves will help your horse to calm down and relax, based on the latest, frequent vibrations for horses, in a compact design. The vibrations are hardly perceptible to people, however are very effective to the subconsciousness of the horse.   

The device is practical, wireless, functions on a powerful rechargeable battery and has no side effects. Developed in collaboration with vets, breeders and pet owners.

Ideal in below circumstances

  •           Thunderstorm
  •           Fireworks
  •           Agressiveness
  •           Feeling alone
  •           Travel anxiety
  •           Environmental changes
  •           Anxiety
  •           Etc.


RelaxoPet Pro includes

  •           Audible and inaudible sound waves
  •           Battery
  •           USB charge cable
  •           Pro timer function
  •           Noise motion function
  •           3 x battery-indicator and light
  •           Micro USB charger
  •           Quick guide

Suited for all kinds of stress–situations in horses, regardless of age and breed