usg sos wrist band

usg sos wrist band

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SOS-Wristband for sports, leisure and work. The wristband is very comfortable to wear, waterproof and robust. In an emergency the first aider will be able to access all vital information stored on the Internet via the ID/PIN on the wristband´s backside. It will enable him to take all actions necessary immediately. You decide which emergency information you choose to store and only you can change it. Measurement: XS - 16,0 cm S - 17,5 cm M - 19,0 cm L - 20,5 cm  Every SOS-tag, respectively SOS-wristband holds an individual ID-Code and PIN. Herewith you can store emergency information in a data base. You decide yourself, whether or not you want to store any information and only you will be able to change it. 
  • Name, age and address
  • Emergency contacts
  • Allergies and diseases
  • Further medical information
  • Vaccination status
  • Helpful X-rays
  • Contact details of yard manager or vet
  • Information concerning your horse
  • Direct Data Access
    With the help of your ID-Code your first aider (emergency doctor/accident ambulance/hospital) will be able to identify you already at the place of accident and view vital data via Smartphone on the Internet.

    Quick and Individual Help
    In that way quick and individual help becomes possible, e. g. contact your relatives or your physician to be able to ensure best possible treatment. Especially if you suffer from allergies or chronic diseases this information may be vital in a case of need. It might also be important to treat your horse or contact the yard manager and/or vet immediately.

    Worldwide Access
    USG-SOS is a cross-platform and can therefore be viewed from any browser. This platform is currently available in eight different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Finnish.

    USG-SOS - supports quick and individual help in the event of an emergency!